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The Do‘s and Don‘ts of Selecting LED High Bay Lighting

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2017-4-18 10:58:43    

With the great progress of technology, the energy efficiency of LED light has become more and more distinct, which makes it possible for 200W led high bay Lighting to substitute 750W high bay light. Many workshops and other large-scale open areas have been reformed to LED High Bay one after another. Facing so huge consumption, selecting the perfect high bay light would make a great contribution for energy conservation and emission reduction. Then how to pick up LED High Bay Light? What about the do's and don'ts?

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Actually, when purchasing LED High Bay Lighting, we should focus on two points, that are long life time and energy efficiency.

When choosing a fixture, first of all, confirm the lighting application and estimate the wattage that could satisfy our need. It's important to us, because power is directly determined to the luminance of fixture so as to influence user experience. It doesn't matter if we can't figure out the wattage. We could contact customer service to provide professional lighting design for us and recommend fixtures which is fit for our demands.

Next, selecting high quality LED High Bay Lighting includes superior chip and radiator. In general, import chip is much better than Taiwan and homemade chip. Therefore, LEDs are always applied to import chip. As for radiator, it must be aluminium alloy radiator. High bay light releases a large amount of heat during operating, so it must use high quality heat dissipation materials – alluminium alloy. This is also the reason why LED high bay is much heavier than conventional high bay light.

Last but the most important is to find the best LED manufacturers. The minority of customers would like to select some low-end manufacturers for cheap price. However, even though high quality LED light needs to invest a little more money at the beginning, considering about the energy effect and longevity, it is excellent quality and reasonable price.

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