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The Distinction of LED Flood Lightings in the Market

LED Flood Lightings, LED Flood Lighting    
2017-4-17 10:36:29    

LED Flood Lighting, a kind of point light source, is able to light up all the directions equably, whose irradiation range could adjust willfully. Therefore, it is the widely used light source in the effect chart manufacture. In order to have a better effect, it is recommended to use several LED Flood Lightings to work together in the scene.

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With the extensively application of LED, fixtures in the market appear one after another. Facing innumerable fixtures, do you know the distinction of LED Flood Lightings?

1. Luminance

Different luminance has different price. In addition, the LED in fixture must be suitable for the standard of laser classⅠ.

2. Antistatic ability

The stronger the antistatic ability of LED is, the longer the lifetime and the higher the price are. In general, the antistatic ability of LED in fixture is always larger than 700V.

3. Wave Length

If the wave length of LEDs are the same, so do the colors, then the price is much higher. So far, only LED spectrophotometer can produce pure color fixtures.

4. Leakage current

LED Flood Lighting is a unidirectional and conductive luminophor. If there’s any reverse current, it is named as electric leakage. The larger the leakage current of LED is, the shorter the lifetime and the lower the price are.

5. Beam angle

Different application of LED has different beam angle. Special beam angle is high in price, such as diffuse angle.

6. Longevity

The key point of different quality lies in longevity, which is determined by Lumen depreciation. If the lumen depreciation of LED Light fixture is small, the longevity is long while the price is high.

7. Chip

The luminophor of LED Flood Lighting is chip. Different chip has large distinction in price. Generally speaking, import chip is much higher than Taiwan and homemade chip. In addition, the size of chip also influences the quality of LED, while the price is proportional to size of chip.

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