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Four Advantages of LED Area Lighting

LED Area Lighting, LED Light    
2017-4-14 13:26:36    

As one of the LED products in E-Lite, LED Area Lighting is suitable for outdoor or dusty environment illumination, such as tunnels, billboards, public squares, sport stadiums, warehouse, car park, etc. Now, let's introduce some advantages of the fixture.

LED Area Lighting.jpgNo strobe

Working with pure DC power, it can avoid visual fatigue caused by strobe of traditional lights. Wide voltage range makes LED Lights applicable in the globe.

Offering a bright solution

The light distribution technology has expanded point light source into area source. The luminous surface is expanded to improve visual effect, eliminate glare. With the rapidly increasing of luminous efficiency, LED Area Lighting is 80% more electricity saving than traditional incandescent light and the brightness is ten times higher in same power.

Environmental friendly

The fixture hasn't any hazardous components such as lead or mercury. The AC 100V~277V full voltage of constant current can guarantee product lifetime and keep brightness stable and free from voltage fluctuation effect. In addition, superior optical design of LED lights greatly reduces light pollution. And not only that, it can better control the direction of light and offers much more reasonable light distribution.  

No radiation

Without UV and IR radiation, LED light is green and safe to human body.

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