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LED Canopy Light in Thailand

LED Canopy Light, LED Light Fixtures    
2017-4-13 10:51:44    

Recently, more and more LED Canopy Light in E-Lite has successfully entered into Thailand market. In last week, the company just signed up a project with Thailand government by public tender, who bespoke as much as 6500 fixtures, including LED Canopy Light.

LED lighting products are widely used in outdoor application of Thailand, especially in toll station and gas station. See, the following is the recently picture of LED Canopy Light in Thailand gas station. Apart from gas station, it also can be applied to workshop, plant, warehouse, supermarket, exhibition hall, construction site, mining area and etc.

LED Canopy Light.jpg

Why LED Canopy Light fixtures are so popular in Thailand market? Thailand is one of the relatively developed countries in Southeast Asia, whose LED light fixtures market is just starting. From the sales volume of Thailand fixtures, incandescent has quietly withdraw from the market while both LED light fixture and CFL occupy a higher ratio, even if LED price is a little higher than CFL.

Indeed, the price of LED is a little expensive but Thailand government pays much attention to its energy efficiency, long life time, low maintenance and replacement costs, and particularly environmental protection. While as for traditional lights, lead are used in the material so there might be hazardous material released during used or even abandoned to harmful people’s health.

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