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The Bestselling LED Area Lighting Fixtures in E-Lite

LED Area Lighting Fixtures, LED Area Lighting    
2017-4-11 10:33:07    

E-Lite, based in the city of Chengdu, is the world’s foremost designer and manufacture of LED Light, whose fixtures are high quality and performance in outdoor architectural and landscape lighting. The products mainly include LED Area Lighting, led high bay Lighting, LED Flood Lighting and LED Car Park Lighting and so on. Among of them, the bestselling one is LED Area Lighting Fixtures.  

LED Area Lighting.jpgWhy it is so popular in the light market? The system light efficacy of LED Area Lighting Fixture is as high as 130 LPW. The chip is always used Osram while power is selected Meanwell or Sosen. Of course, this is the recommend brand from E-Lite. All customers in the company could have other choices about chip and power. The most benefit that cooperates with E-Lite is that customers have multiple options in mounting, lens, sensors and so forth. All fixtures there are bespoken by different customers.

Established in 2003, members in the company have devoted themselves into endlessly pursuing on product innovation. Their hard work pays off and they have fathered many of the LED Light fixtures in use today. At present, LED Area Lighting Fixture has two series and different series fixture has several wattages. Meanwhile, they never stop at a second. Instead, they have continued to innovate. 

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