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The Installation Guide of Outdoor LED Flood Lightings

Outdoor LED Flood Lightings, LED Flood Lightings    
2017-4-7 10:09:34    

LED Flood Lightings, designed for outdoor applications, feature die-cast aluminum housing and glass lens. They can be configured to provide a variety of lighting solutions, and can blend in with landscape and building different environmental atmospheres.

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Now, let’s learn how to install Outdoor LED Flood Lightings.

1. Install guard bar and punch a hole on the wall. On the solid basis of actual requirement, the size of hole is always less than 3cm.

2. Provide some necessary anti-static precautions. Workbench should be connected with earth while workmen must put on anti-static clothes or wear anti-static bracelet. The reason is that different levels of LED Flood Lightings have different quality, so their anti-static competences are completely different.

3. Pay attention to the Sealing of fixtures during installation. If the sealing is poor performance, it would directly influence the lifetime of LED Light fixtures.

4. The wiring had better no more than 25cm. If the power of transformer is large, the wiring is able to lengthen a little or it affects the luminance.

As the widely used of LED Flood Lightings, the technical installation is very important. LED is a new generation light source. Only the installation is correct could make sure it works stably and muchly.

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