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LED Flood Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Application

LED Flood Lighting, 100W LED Flood Lighting    
2017-4-6 10:11:07    

Are you looking for a flood light for commercial and industrial application which is not only able to energy efficiency but also environmental protection? Then LED Flood Lighting is the best one that you need.

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In contrast of conventional fixtures, LED Flood Lighting has the following advantages:

  • LED lasts up to ten times longer than other types of bulb;

  • 90 percent more efficient than incandescent;

  • Standard flood lights emit huge amounts of heat, which is both wasteful and dangerous. However, when touching LED, you hardly feel any temperature.

  • Unlike other bulbs, LED Light fixtures are less likely to break because they are stronger.

  • LED is so bright that only fewer of them could light a large area.

  • It is impervious to change in weather and temperature.

At the present time, LED Flood Lighting has variety kinds, such as SmartTM LED Flood Lighting, Edge TM LED Flood Lighting, Apollo TM LED Flood Lighting while the wattage includes 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, etc. Among of them, 100W LED Flood Lighting is the most used fixture. In addition, different series of fixtures have different luminous efficiency. Apollo TM is 155 LPW while Edge TM is 130 LPW and SmartTM is 120 LPW. 

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