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The Current Situation of LED High Bay Lighting Manufacturers

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2017-4-5 11:17:12    

With the improvement of the application of led high bay Lighting, more and more lighting manufacturers focus their new products R&D on LED fixtures. As one of the new technology, LED drives the development of relatively various technical and many unexpected problems follow. Meanwhile, new participators begin to redefine the market depending on their own advantage.

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Due to the feature of energy efficiency and environmental protection, the popularization of LED High Bay Lighting technology has been treated as an ideal product which is capable of substituting energy-consuming conventional fixtures. Together with rich color, it is widely used in household lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and landscape lighting. In the past few years, LED fixates has been welcomed by a large quantity of consumers with the increasing of LED luminous efficiency, maturity of heat dissipation technology and progress of driving power.

It's no doubt that LED is facing a large challenge. Lighting industry appears an unprecedented dilemma so that both middle and small-sized enterprises and large enterprises feel huge fluctuations. In a manner of speaking, LED industry fell into the circumstance of moon vs tod in 2016. Plenty of industries lost themselves under new situation, while the other LED manufacturers gradually have specific goals. As a result, their developments are obviously stable by constantly adjusting strategic target. A data displays that about 4000 LED manufacturers disappeared in 2016 and the data would sustain this year. The number of LED industries maybe decrease a half until 2018.  

Therefore, in terms of LED High Bay Lighting manufacturers, to be or not to be, it is indeed a question. How to make the enterprises survive as long as possible? That is to choose innovation instead of sticking in the mud.

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