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Where Is the Road of LED Lighting Fixtures?

LED Lighting Fixtures    
2017-3-31 11:18:49    

Affected by the decelerated demand and LED price war, LED industry has taken place in dramatic changes in the past few years. A large quantity of small and medium sized enterprises has declared bankruptcy in succession while some senior large enterprises has begun to extend their business to LED industry, which makes a new normal appear in the world, that is industrial consolidation and mergers and acquisitions of large enterprises. Thus, the strategy of LED price war has totally disappeared. Then what’s the road of LED Lighting fixtures?

LED High Bay Light.jpgIn order to sequentially survive and progress, E-Lite organized technical teams to spend nearly two years researching and developing two new technologies – IOT Lighting Solution and Graphene modules technology.

E-Lite IoT Lighting Solution

E-LITE IoT Lighting solution is an internet 2G/3G/4G based wireless public communication and intelligent control system featured with terminal ad-hoc networking technology. It could help you drastically reduce energy consumption, costs, and maintenance using LED technology combined with dynamic, per-light controls. In contrast of other LED lighting fixtures, it improves safety and security, enhances situational awareness, real-time collaboration, and decision making across city agencies, aiming to help optimize urban planning.

E-Lite Graphene Modules Technology

Due to remarkable physical properties, graphene and graphene composite materials have many promising applications in LED lighting fixtures. It is ultra-light material and incredibly flexible with 200 times stronger than steel. As the thinnest material possible, graphene is transparent. It is a superb conductor both electrically and thermally and can act as a perfect barrier - not even helium can pass through it.

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