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How to Install Smart LED High Bay Light

LED High Bay Light, LED High Bay    
2017-3-30 10:39:00    

Like other LED Light fixture, SmartTM led high bay Light features on energy efficiency, environmental protection, long lifetime and controllable. Besides, it is suitable for industrial and commercial application. Before LED light appeared in the world, traditional lighting fixtures have been popular for a long period of time. How to replace them with LED light?

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Generally speaking, there are four methods to install SmartTM LED High Bay Light, including hanging ring, pendant mount, surface mount bracket, U bracket + hanging ring. It’s worth mentioning that for high performance and long term reliability, the fixture should be installed in free air. Now, let’s learn the first installation method – hanging ring.  

Firstly, tighten the anti-rotation screw attached to the hanging ring to ensure the hanging ring is securely connected to the light fixture.

Next, hang the ring to the field supplied by the mounting hook or chain.

Thirdly, secure the safety rope hook to the field supplied by the second mounting point or to the main mounting point in case the second point is not provided.

Finally, wiring. (Connect supply wires to luminaire wire leads per the wiring diagram using methods that comply with all applicable codes.)

In contrast of the other three methods, hanging ring is the simplest and most common installation method. Of course, users should select the suitable installation based on the application. If you want to learn more about the other methods of SmartTM LED High Bay Light, please visit our website. 

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