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Best LED High Bay Light Manufacturers in China

LED High Bay Light Manufacturers, LED High Bay     
2017-3-29 11:04:27    

The ever increasing demand for high quality led high bay Light has encouraged a large quantity of lighting manufacturers in China to thirst for entering this industry. Therefore, they devote themselves into LED lighting industry. In fact, a lot of manufacturers are currently offering a wide range of LED lighting products that are immensely efficient and eco-friendly when compared to standard incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

LED High Bay Light.jpgDespite of the fact that all high quality LED Light fixtures are very expensive than other traditional lamps, more and more consumers are gradually fond of them. What’s the reason? Because LED light features on long life time, low power consumer and is easy to install and maintain. Most of all, they are unaffected by weather and temperature changes and free of mercury, lead and carbon emissions. It's no doubt that LED lighting has a very promising future in China.

In the face of countless LED light market, how to pick up the favorite fixtures? Now let's see the best LED High Bay Light manufacturers in China.

1. Philips

Philips, dated back to Netherlands in 1891, is the world leader in LED lighting. It offers a huge collection of LED products in various categories, including household, commercial and industrial lighting. As one of the best LED light manufacturers, Philips has tried to promote the whole society to convert into high efficiency lighting solution.

2. Opple

Founded in 1996, Opple is a comprehensive lighting industry which integrates research, produce and sale. The head quarter is in Shanghai and it has plenty of production bases. The products in Opple comprise LED and conventional light source, fixtures, electric apparatus and so on.

3. NVC

In order to provide an energy efficiency and suitable lighting environment for the public, NVC has kept rapidly increase by independent research and development system since 1998. Its products involve in LED indoor, commercial, office, building fields. Among of them, commercial lighting has become the leader these years.

4. FSL

Located in Guangdong province, FSL has become the number one industry in electric appliance and machinery manufacturing since 1990. In the electric light source industry of China, FSL is an industry with largest scale, best quality and optimal benefit. The company mainly manufactures LED household lamp, automobile lamp and gas discharge lamp.

5. E-Lite

E-Lite is a new manufacturer, which has specialized in commercial and industrial lighting fixture for 2007. The products contain LED High Bay Light, LED Area Light, LED Garage Light and so forth, which are mainly sold abroad. 

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