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LED High Bay Lighting in E-Lite

LED High Bay Lighting, LED Light Fixtures    
2017-3-27 11:24:34    

As a world class led high bay Lighting industry in China, E-Lite specializes in manufacturing high quality and modular component LED High Bay to integrate LED lighting into everyday living space in order to meet the high expectations and needs of customers. So far, E-Lite offers industrial and commercial LED lighting solutions that include a wide range of LED Light fixtures and accessories that enable customers to customize favorite fixtures to their individual needs.

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The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan. As a global manufacturer in state-of-the-art LED light fixtures, E-Lite has quickly become a leader in the lighting technology and is being requested on many building projects through the world. Not any that, E-Lite has research and development team, who devote themselves into designing and developing new fixtures, aiming to customize variety kinds of lighting solution for customers. The company has excellent execution capabilities to perform LED solutions in the best way possible, ensuring steadfast service and support. E-Lite has accumulated tremendous experience in fixtures’ design, installation and maintenance to provide professional assistance for customers at any time.

The main advantage of E-Lite LED High Bay Lighting is unrivaled reliability. The company’s quality control system works under the principle of Total Quality Management, providing fault-free fixture operation throughout the entire lifetime. Besides, the IP protection level of fixtures is as high as IP66 or even IP 67 with reliable module frame and unique pre-sale testing system. What’s more, all fixtures in E-Lite are provided 5 years free warranty. That means if customers’ products have any breakdown, E-Lite guarantees to repair. In this way, customers can safely purchase LED High Bay Lighting from the company.

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