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High Quality 100W LED Area Light Fixtures in E-Lite

100W LED Area Light Fixtures, 100W LED Area Light    
2017-3-24 11:22:38    

Now with the time passing by, 100W LED Area Light fixture in E-Lite has become more and more welcomed by consumers. It is designed by die-cast aluminum housing with anti-static powder coat paint and the buit-in aluminum fins maximize heat dissipation which guarantees the trouble-free operation of fixtures.

LED Area Light.jpgHigh quality 100W LED Area Light fixtures in E-Lite provides energy efficient, long lasting and environmental friendly, which is convenient to replace 250 Watt metal halide or high pressure sodium light without any mercury, lead and carbon emissions. Besides, it is easy to install and can be connected to a photocell sensor to save even more energy. LED Area Light is specifically used for outdoor lighting, such as roadway and parking lot. IP66 rating allows it endure severe weather conditions for many years.

In contrast of traditional fixtures, LED Area Light fixture has many advantages. They could reduce energy consumption by 78% or more while they outlast traditional fixtures by up to 10 times. In addition, the light distribution is superior, producing no glare outside the lighted area and no light pollution. They produce little heat because the most part of electric energy is converted into light energy. They are available for 100-277 VAC, 347/480 VAC Optional. Surely, apart from 100W LED Area Light, consumers also have other options about wattage, include 150W LED Area Light, 200W LED Area Light, 300W LED Area Light and so forth.

If everyone substitutes one incandescent with LED light fixture, the electricity saved would be more than the output of the largest nuclear power plant every year.

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