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The LED Garage Lights for Garage Application

LED Garage Lights, 50W LED garage lights    
2017-3-23 11:03:29    

LED Garage Lights, just as the name said, is applied in garage fixtures. Of course, the garage is not only limited to home garage, but also includes commercial parking garages. All in all, it is thought as an innovation to replace the high cost of halogen or incandescent lighting with the low cost and low heat emitting of LED Garage Lights. In doing so, customers can save at least a third cost of their electric expense per year.

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Since 2012, E-Lite has begun to produce LED Garage Lights. Like other lighting fixture, it has multiple options in lens, sensor and mounting. At present, there are two kinds of LED Garage Lights in the market, linear and square. Thereinto, linear is Nastro? LED Garage Light while square is Smart? LED Garage Light.

If your garage is installed in fluorescent tube now, never mind because it’s easy to replace it with linear of square LED garage lights. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to use about two 50W LED garage lights for each car your garage. A two-car garage should ideally have four fixtures, and so forth.

You maybe cannot help but ask how LED garage lights work? Actually, they work by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material. Unlike incandescent or halogen bulb, there is no filament in garage Light fixture. They could keep working in a very long period of time, about 6 times longer than an incandescent light bulb. Just as the advertisement said, all LED light fixtures are brighter, cooler and more efficient than traditional fixture. Not only that, they could help you save much more money. 

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