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The Distinction between LED Flood Light and LED Down Light

LED Flood Light, LED Down Light    
2017-3-21 10:50:00    

LED Flood Light is a kind of point light source, which is able to evenly illuminate in all directions. Meanwhile, the beam angle is optionally adjustable. As one of the most widely light source in rendering production, standard LED Flood Light is capable to light up the whole scene. According to requirement, the scene can be used several flood lights to work in cooperation to generate much more lighting effect. It is very easy to predict the illuminated effect because of its large illuminated area.

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LED Down Light is also named spotlight, which is mainly used to architectural decorative lighting or commercial space. It contains much more decorative elements with round and square shape. Due to the factor of heat dissipation, there is some distinction between it and LED Flood Light.

Luminous effect: LED Flood Light can’t not be used to much because too much fixtures may be make the scene look plain and dull. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay much attention to consider the parameter and influence to the whole scene during design. In contrast, the beam of LED Down Light is very accurate and the aluminum reflector is extremely high in purity with optimum reflection effect. In addition, LED Down Light is attached scale plate in order to adjust beam angle.

Application area: LED Flood Light is typically applied to industrial lighting, while LED Down Light is used in household and commercial lighting. 

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