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Introduction of 200W LED High Bay Light in E-Lite

200W LED High Bay Light, LED High Bay    
2017-3-17 10:51:55    

In E-Lite, there are several kinds of wattage about led high bay Light, including 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W and even much higher. Among a large quantity of lighting products, the survey shows that 200W LED High Bay Light is the bestselling fixture.

200W LED High Bay.jpg

Why 200W LED High Bay Light is so popular in the market? Actually, it is a great light for replacing 750W HID luminaires. There are many kinds of mounting method for your choosing. For example, the mounting method of Luce style in E-Lite is U bracket and hanging ring. In contrast of traditional fixture, new LED light is very convenient in mounting, which simply attaches it to existing mounting hooks. Meanwhile, it is so brighter and lighter that it could be hanged about 20 feet higher above the floor in order to help light up the whole area.

In addition, 200W LED High Bay Light is very energy efficient. Each fixture uses 88% less energy than the 750W HID. The Luminous flux is 20,000lm and light efficacy is 130LPW. At 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, each Light fixture only cost about $2.5 a month to operate. Each fixture saves over $10 every month in electricity and $120 every year. What’s worse, it is free for maintenance.

Even though there are many similar LED fixtures in the lighting market, not all of them are DLC certified so they are not getting 130 Lumens to watts. E-Lite imports the latest LED technology, and picks up the ultra-high grade LED chips and drivers for 200W LED High Bay Light and other fixture. Therefore, it looks fashion, lasts longer and is easy to install. It must the best fixture that you are looking for. 

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