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The Installation of LED Canopy Light

The Installation of LED Canopy Light    
2017-1-16 23:21:15    


For high performance and long term reliablity, the light should be instalLED in free air.

Recessed Mount 100~200W 

1. Fix the Bracket to the Ceiling with Screw

2. Wiring.(Connect supply wires to luminaire wire leads per the wiring diagram using methods that comply with all applicable codes.)


Product Features:

· Multiple choice of optical lenses

· Patented thermal management allows -30oC to 45oC ambient Working Temperature

· System light efficacy 100 lm/W

· 5 years warranty, up to 100,000 hours long life

· Easy installation and maintenance

Effect Pictures in a Gas Station of Tailand

Effect Image_600_1.jpg

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