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The Highlight Design of LED High Bay

The Highlight Design of LED High Bay, LED High Bay    
2016-10-28 11:05:44    

As one of the most significant parts in industrial lighting of city, led high bay becomes more and more popular. Many traditional large industries are applied to LED high by. It is not only for its energy saving and environmental protection, but also for highlight design.

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1.Choose the import LED chips as the light source, which are encapsulated single chip and high power LED. Those import highlight semiconductor chips feature in high thermal conductivity, minimal Lumens depreciation, pure light color, less glare and shadow, etc.

2.The perfect combination of electric box and heat sink with highlight design effectively transmit and spread the heat, thereby reducing the interior temperature of lamp and prolonging the lifetime of light source and power.

3.The surface of heat sink has been processed by anodizing and anticorrosion. The structure is compact and artistic. What more, it reaches the standard IP65 and the performance of anticorrosion, waterproof and dust-prevention are very good. 

4.Because of adopting super power LED light source and import high efficient power, the effectiveness of energy saving is extremely good. It could save much more energy than sodium lamp, about 50%. 

Compared with LED high bay, traditional high bay is always used to metal halide with 250W and 400W. However, the beam angle of it is 360°. The shortcoming of light loss results in tremendous waste of energy. Therefore, LED high bay emerges as the times require, on behalf of efficiency, energy saving, long lifetime, high CRI and environmental protection. Meanwhile, the highlight design of LED high bay makes it become the focus.

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