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LED Garage Light Automobile Head Light Can Avoid High Beam Light

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2016-8-26 14:55:05    

No matter LED Lights, OLED or laser headlights, they are far brighter and light further than the former headlights so that drivers can see more at night. The followings are some functions that automobile headlights have now and in the future.

The led high bay headlights in the automobile are composed of multiple individual led lamps. The laser headlights are composed of individual diode components. Since each LED lamp can be controlled individually, there can be various lighting methods. The automobile headlights can be seen as the elementary level technology of intelligent headlights. When entering a tunnel or dim places, the headlights can turn on automatically.

When the automobile is turning around, there is a function of AFS system. The steering side LED light can light up in advance according to steering angle to show more road condition on the turning side. While backing a car, the light-compensating lamp can light up together to provide a better lighting effect.

The above are just the basic functions of intelligent lamps. The more advanced ones are yet to see.

If there are enough LED lamps in automobile headlights, it can even play movies in the drive-in cinema!

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