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The Semiconductor Lighting Market Potential in One Belt One Road

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2016-8-23 16:50:27    

Due to lower entrance threshold, many domestic led high bay enterprises are transferring the focus from American market to new emerging market. The new emerging market has enormous opportunities. Take Indian market as an example, the led high bay products demand in India mainly relies on import and 80% of them are imported from China. According to market statistics from BBC, it is estimated that the annual growth rate of LED Lighting market will reach 41.5%, the market revenue in 2015 reached 399 million dollars.

In order to improve infrastructure construction, the demand for LED Lights in new emerging market is constantly growing. Many domestic enterprises are producing middle and low end LED lamps to win the market with high cost performance. They are highly competitive in large scale manufacturing and price. Therefore, domestic LED is more competitive in low threshold new emerging market.

The implementation of “One Belt One Road” has further accelerated the LED export in our country since there are many emerging economies and developing countries along the line.


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