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Chinese LED High Bay Exported to North America

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2016-8-22 16:15:33    


From the global pattern of LED market, we can see that the LED Lightingand LED display production market is the biggest in China and it covers a large proportion in global LED market. Since the domestic market is saturated, Chinese LED Lights enterprises have to “go out” to enlarge global market so that they can find new growth pole and revenue points in industry development. The North America and Europe are still the main export places for Chinese led high bay products in current overseas market. With the enlargement of demand in new emerging market and under the promotion of “One Belt One Road” policy, domestic led high bay enterprises are actively strengthening their operation in brand localization to further achieve the transformation from “manufactured in China” to “created in China”.

The statistics show that the total export volume of LED lighting products in China from January to April in 2016 was 5.764 billion yuan, with a year-on-year decrease of 8.54%. The first three exporting countries are respectively America, Germany and Britain. America shares the largest part of Chinese led lamps products export volume, others are respectively Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


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