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The LED Lamps in Chinese Families

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2016-8-12 15:37:46    


One night I stood on the balcony without turning on lights. Seeing the moonlight, I started to recite a poem about the moon. Ran into the living room and turned off the lights, I found that the moonlight can no longer shine into the living room. Sadly I recalLED my experiences of going to many business trips.

The business districts with red lanterns, wines, dances and songs have certainly enriched urban people’s night life. It has provided with enjoyable lights and also economic effects. But every time I rise up my head by the hotel window and can never see the moon. I wonder whether my child would have any chance to really experience the poetic scenes about moon and starlight.

The skyscraper opposite our apartment is decorated with all types of night view LED Lights.

Some say we live in a LED Lighting age. In this great LED age, every household can afford cheap led lamps products and a reasonable amount of electricity bills can be saved. Actually the electricity bills saved are very little. When shrewd manufacturers figured this out and make customers do this calculation, they start to promote LED bulbs at the same price with incandescent lights.


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