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LED in Confusing Situation But Still There is Hope

LED Area Light    
2016-8-11 20:33:43    

Up to now, the development of LED Lights in the intelligent field can be calLED as intelligent LED Lighting or automated lighting. Each one can have different definition for “intelligence”. But to me, the real “intelligent” product shall have the functions of data storage and memory. Moreover, the ability to learn and reason basing on these functions is needed. However, this needs the strong support from the Internet of things. If the foundation is not fully prepared, how can the upper be ready? Maybe big progress can only be seen in the coming 5 to 10 years.

Let alone the uncontrollable economic environment, in my view the most awkward situation for led high bay is the development of new products. Actually, Chinese are the fastest in accepting new stuff. There is certainly demand in our country, but it could actually be our products lacking innovation. The products for replacement cannot depend on old products. The key is to breakthrough in single point of intelligent lighting or to introduce cross domain technology. The multifunctional ledlamps can be a good choice when the foundation is not fully prepared.


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