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The Application of LED Display in Olympics

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2016-8-10 11:58:38    

LED display has created visual feasts in Beijing Olympics and London Olympics. However, there is an unavoidable fact. Restricted by the bottleneck of technology, the larger the size of led display is, the higher the price. This restriction has discouraged customer from choosing led display but rather turn to laser projection technology.

The cost of Rio Olympics is only one tenth of London Olympics, but the effect is also achieved. If the Beijing Olympics in 2008 was a surge of emotions, then the Rio Olympic is refreshing to the eye.

LED lamps industry is making more strategic investment in the key areas of South America where the economy is weakening and the society is unstable. The accumulated investment from China and strategic benefits in South America is now facing more risks.

Only by reducing costs of LED Lights, improving brand quality, developing new technological directions and making new LED Lightingsolutions per specific customers’ needs can the pieces of up, middle and down streams be fit together. The coordination effect can then be shown as a stronger competitive power.


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