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LED Lighting Technologies Used in Brazil Olympic Games

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2016-8-9 16:40:13    


With the simplest projector, the enthusiasm and imagination of Brazilians, they have presented Brazilian culture to the world. It includes a review of history in retrospect and profound consideration of the current social problems. The most awesome design is the “forest of athletes”. Brazilians have left an Olympic heritage of 11,000 seeds of trees for the earth. The net citizens are joking that the opening ceremony shows if you don’t have enough money you can compete with wits.

This Olympic opening ceremony in Rio is a lot different from expectation. From Beijing Olympics to London Olympics, people in the world have enjoyed remarkable and brilliant festival brought by LED Lights and etc. However, the opening ceremony in Rio has nothing more than four LED Lighting display screen and a laser projector.

Is it just because Rio is short of budget so that it gave up LED lighting and chose laser projector?

Actually, the lifetime of laser light source is 10 to 20 times longer than that of traditional light source. With low maintenance cost of led lamps, more environmental friendly feature and the consumption of only one third of traditional TV, the laser light source is highly efficient. In order to display a dazzling and dreamy space to the world, Rio made it with laser projector combining VR technology.


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