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Smart and Simple LED High Bay Lighting System

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2016-8-5 14:44:45    

How is the effect of smart led high bay lighting system? The internet connected LED Lighting lamps based on Wechat control have the functions of LED Lights brightness control, environment monitoring and so on. But the revealing of more and more follow-up problems may show that mobile phone control might not be the best way to control. For example, sometimes the internet is not stable, elder people are slow to get used to mobile control and it can be complicated sometimes. Now many manufacturers are still using the mobile phone APP control as a selling point for the smart LED lamps products. It used to be as simple as turning on and off, but now there are three steps to go before you can turn on the light. The so calLED intelligence for these products is actually making things more complicated. It certainly cannot go far, because the smart lighting shouldn’t be too complicated or make people feel too hard to accept.

Solution should be simpler and more intelligent. With the integration of smart tablet and mobile phone APP, it shall be more convenient for users to operate both at home and outside.

Intelligent lighting must be integrated into the smart home appliance system and be compatible with other home appliances to show the real value of smart lighting.


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