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The Size of LED High Bay Companies in Shenzhen

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2016-8-2 17:03:55    

The industry insiders say, although the development trend of LED Lightingindustry is good, the size of led high bay companies in Shenzhen are generally small. The number of companies with production value over 50 million yuan is less than 1000. The annual turnover of listed LED Lightscompanies in Shenzhen is a lot different from that in other high tech companies. When in a positive market, the turnover of some listed companies specialized in lighting can reach more than one hundred million yuan. When the market environment is bad, then their turnover can be less than one hundred million.

At the same time, most led high bay lighting companies are in the middle and downstream market of the industry chain with low added value of products. The LED lamps and appliances sold in some small companies are sold without strict quality control. These companies only focus on satisfying the need of low price Light fixtures. On the long run, LED lighting products will become worse without innovation, unique design or quality assurance, thus the long term development of companies cannot be guaranteed. It has further proved the chaos in LED lighting industry.


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