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Healthier and Pesticide-free LED Lighting Cultivation

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2016-8-1 11:35:10    


It is considered that the 21 century is the century of ecological agriculture, while physical agriculture is the major route to achieve eco-agriculture. Among numerous knowLEDge of physical subject, light plays a crucial part.

An industrial park in Indiana has grasped the key technology of holiculture and elericulture for the future market. This industrial park has built an indoor plants factory which uses LED Lighting for special crop. This is the largest LED lighting plants factory in the world which has invested millions on it.

In fact, since the temperature of LED Lights is relatively low, the ledlamps can be placed in the best spot closer to the plants. This can guarantee the completely even lighting on all parts of the plants. In this method the usage of harmful pesticide, chemical fertilizer and preservative is avoided. The production is organically increased and it is almost chemical-free. This coincides with the quality life goal of green and healthy life of modern people. Moreover, the growth circle of indoor cultivation controlled by led area light is 50% shorter than that of traditional outdoor cultivation. This means that the dream of enjoying local fresh crops in the whole year has become possible.


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