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E-commerce Platform for LED Lighting Industry and LED Associations

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2016-7-26 20:41:06    

Comparing with e-commerce platform, a helpful, self-regulated and coordinated platform for communication is more in need for LED Lightsenterprises. There are already many associations existing at all levels for LED Lighting industry, but most of them are useless with no real functions or effects.

When the led high bay enterprises are under difficulties, can the association be informed immediately and activate bailout? Can the association provide material service for the production and sales of LED enterprises? There are associations in other industries that can lower material cost and arrange centralized procurement for enterprises, but this is rare to see in LED industry associations.

It’s not enough to simply rely on private communication among single entrepreneurs. There should be a platform for LED lights enterprises to communicate all together. Together they should research and make plans on how big the local lighting market is and how large the production capacity shall be.

LED lights enterprises shall have an accurate and clear understanding of the local lighting market and make scientific plans for led high bay production and led lamps sales.


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