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LED Industry Is Recovering in New Fields Such as VR

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2016-7-20 11:43:54    

After the industrial reshuffle in 2015, LED industry is starting to recover in the first half of this year. Statistics from Wind shows that almost half of the listed company in led industry has achieved more profit than last year in the first half performance forecast report. At least 5led high bay enterprises have doubled their performance. Many listed companies are marching new emerging markets such as virtual reality, culture and sports to transform to a diversified company.

After the reshuffle of LED Lighting industry in last year, the concentration ratio has increased. With products prices getting more stable, the environment for corporate earnings has also improved.

In 2015 the penetration rate of global LED Lights has remained the increasing trend and has reached 27%. With domestic LED lamp s manufacturers keeping exploring in new emerging market such as Southeast Asia and India, they will continue to benefit in the future. Moreover, there might be new market opportunities in outdoor led screen and automobile market. What’s worth of notice is the layout of LED listed company in new fields such as VR.


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