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Hot Articles from LED High Bay Lighting Enterprises Public Accounts

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2016-7-15 9:55:31    

From article views we can see that the total views of the top three led high bay and LED Lighting enterprises surpasses 20,000, and OPPLE ranks top with 64938 total views.

The article with the highest views of 11388 is also from OPPLE public account. As for total likes, OPPLE beats other public accounts with 3617 likes. The hottest article with 633 likes is still from OPPLE Wechat public account. The most frequently updated public account in the Wechat public account ranking list publishes 20 articles during the period.

As for the content of articles, OPPLE mainly focuses on hot topics andLED Lights products promotion which are respectively 50% and 25% in proportion of numbers. NVC mostly writes on lamp s. FSL articles are basing on led high bay lighting brands, promotion and hot topics, among which the first range of articles takes up to 33.3% and the latter two ranges both take up to 22.2%. Other public accounts are all focused on hot topics and brand news.


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