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Public Accounts of LED High Bay Lighting Enterprises in Wechat

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2016-7-14 16:52:42    

The Wechat public accounts of national led high bay lighting enterprises ware evaluated in a period of seven days(days with articles published before June 20th) using the real-time capture of big data. The cloud-masses index of Wechat public account can be formed through calculation of weighted index such as article numbers, publish dates, total visitors, headline average viewers, non-headline viewers, maximum page views, like numbers and so on. The cloud-masses index can scientifically and comprehensively reflect the complex effect of the public account. A ranking is made according to the cloud-masses average value, and ten enterprises are included in the list.

According to the general data, the public accounts of LED Lightsenterprises including OPPLE, NVC and Philips are listed in the top three. These three LED Lighting enterprises all top the lists of total viewers, largest views and headline likes. From the cloud-masses index we can see that the top three LED lights enterprises are far more influential than FSL and Forest in Wechat public account.


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