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The Design of LED Table Lamp and LED Area Light

LED Area Light    
2016-7-4 15:55:37    

LED table lamp s can strobe of alternating current and they have good performance in LED Lighting effect. Besides than providing good lighting effect, the highly efficient led area light source is also good in saving energy. It is more convenient for long term usage and suitable for modern house environment.

The square shaped lamp holder of the LED table lamps can provide sound support and are convenient for arranging the table.

With foldable arm, the LED Lights can easily be stored and kept while not using. The design of rotatable arm can also enable customers to choose the lighting direction without moving the lamp. The LED table lamps can provide a healthy lighting environment.

The multi-stage dimming switch can allow users to adjust the brightness according to different lighting conditions. In the Color temperature of 5500K, it is best suitable for working and studying. Being equipped with high power LED driver, optical reflector and multi-stage dimming switch, users can apply the table light to different lighting conditions and enjoy healthy lighting.


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