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DLC Focuses on Opinions from LED High Bay Manufacturers

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2016-6-27 15:53:24    

DLC has collected opinions from vast led high bay manufacturers and added Table 6 – Allowances for Specific product in DLC V4.0, which is focused at lamp s with specialized performance and is considering lowering the light efficacy requirement. Now the focuses of DLC on LED Lightingproducts are:

Products with high CRI or low Color temperature;

Outdoor vintage luminaires for decoration;

Linear luminaire for architecture;

products with scientific light distribution and no flare.

DLC is hoping that LED Lights manufacturers can come up with useful suggestions. DLC will widely receive suggestions to stipulate the requirements for Table 6 – Allowances.

It’s the first time that DLC is paying attention to TM-30 in DLC V4.0. Manufacturers are encouraged to report the value of Rf and Rg(optional). TM-30 is the standard of “evaluating luminaire CRI” published by IES. EPA has published the related calculation tool – Excel Toll. DLC V4.0 can accept both versions of Basic and Advance for different spectral scanning intervals. 

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