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How Should Government and LED High Bay Enterprises Work Together

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2016-6-23 11:02:45    

In order to stimulate the development of economic entity, many local government are claiming to “reduce cost” to reduce the pressure of LED Lighting enterprises. With an estimated of 400 billion yuan of cost reduced for enterprises by the end of this year, Guangdong has the largest burden reduction rate. This is good information for led high bayenterprises. It’s relatively easier for LED Lights companies to earn money during the time of economic ascent, and there are also fewer complaints on tax. However the economy is now slowing down, it’s getting hard for LED lights enterprises to survive. Therefore, it is necessary to cut taxes greatly for enterprises to go further with fewer burdens.

Public services shall be improved in the aspects of transportation, medication, environment and sanity, so that Shenzhen will become a more favorable city to retain talents and enterprises. Except for efforts from the government, it’s also crucial for LED lamp s enterprises to improve themselves. For better development, LED lighting enterprises should improve awareness of cost control and management. 

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