How to Maintain Outdoor LED Flood Lighting?

Time:2017/6/23  keywords:Outdoor LED Flood Lighting, LED Flood Lighting

With the widely application of LED light fixtures, outdoor LED flood lighting has gradually become a hot topic. The discussing topic has changed from whether LED flood lighting fixture is worthy of purchasing into how to maintain it. Therefore, let's learn some methods about the maintenance.

LED Flood Light.jpg· Avoid alerting the structure of fixtures or change any components optionally during clean. After finish maintenance, install the fixture as it was. Any omit or wrong install is not permitted.

· Never frequently switch on and off fixture. Even though LED light is considered as instant reaction fixture, excessively frequent on and off would impact the service time of internal electronic components so as to cut down the life time of flood lighting fixtures.

· Fixtures are unable to wash directly with water. Instead, use dry cloth with a little water to scrub the fixtures. Besides, it's a best choice to splash professional cleanser into fixtures because cleanser is capable of taking away some dust during the process of volatile.

· The working temperature of LED flood lighting is always -10~50℃. Never turn on the light in any high temperature or moisture environment to avoid any fixture damage.

· Moisture proof is the key point of fixture maintenance, especially outdoor LED flood lighting. It's a good choice to purchase fixture with moisture proof lampshade to avoid humidity invading and lead to corrosion, damage, electric leakage or short circuit.