LED lights from E-lite

Time:2014/6/24  keywords:led street light
    E-lite semiconductor is china’s most professional company that specialize in led street light for industrial and commercial lighting. E-lite LED light is one type that is extremely good and provide white, bright light for the factory and outdoors. The design capabilities of E-lite led street light on optics are extraordinary.        Nowadays, E-lite industrial LED lights are used in most China cities and at abroad. E-lite LED lights are not only provides bright, white light but also saves a lot of energy. The chips we used to make our LED lights are coming from Nichia and Cree. These chips convert energy into light and emits very little of heat which make E-lite LED lights an excellent performance and a longer lifespan than traditional lights.        Another great advantage about E-lite LED lights is efficient. The light given out from 200W E-lite LED light is equal to the light emitted from an Metal Halide light of 750W. Besides, All the E-lite LED lights can last up to 150,000 and have a five years warranty period.   About the company: E-Lite Semiconductor, Inc. is a veteran solid-state lighting company specializing in high quality, ultra-bright LED lighting product design and manufacturing for commercial and industrial applications. As a leading innovator in high performance LED lighting technology, the company has extensive technical expertise in optical design, thermal management, materials compatibility and automated manufacturing processes. All of E-Lite’s LED lighting products are CE and RoHS compliant, UL/ETL certified, and DLC accredited for US and Canadian market. with more information , please visit our website www.elitesemicon.com.


High Bays for General Uses
    Grapheneism™ UFO High Bay
    Taurus™ Classic High Bay
    Apollo™ 170LPM High Bay
    LitePro™ Linear High Bay
High Bays for Special Applications
    Edge™ 80°c High Bay
    Edge™ 75°c High Bay
    Edge™ 60°c High Bay
    Edge™ High Temp LED High Bay
    Nastro™ Warehouse High Bay
Flood Light
    Edge™ High Temp Flood
    LitePro™ 50~1000w Flood
    LitePro™ Grapheneism Modular Flood
Wall Pack
    Diamond™ Wall Packs
Sports Lighting
    LitePro™ High Power Sports Flood
Area Lighting
    LitePro™ Shoebox Light
    LitePro™ Hight Mast Light
    Edge™ LED Area Light